With the Lighthouse project, our goal is to provide a structured taxonomy-based interface to high-performance software (initially focusing on linear algebra) and thereby to enable different types of users to use HPC libraries effectively. We combine taxonomy-based search for identifying specific solution methods with code generation and optimization capabilities to accommodate a variety of different use cases that may arise in HPC software development.

Lighthouse Server

You can try out the Lighthouse Server here.


The Github project can be accessed here.


B. Norris, PI, NSF CCF 1219150, SHF: Small: Collaborative Research: Lighthouse: Resource-Aware Advisor for High-Performance Linear Algebra, Other PIs: E. Jessup (University of Colorado Boulder), $250,000 (09/01/2012-08/31/2015).

B.Norris, PI, NSF CCF 0916474 SHF: Small: Collaborative Research: Taxonomy for the Automated Tuning of Matrix Algebra Software, Other PIs: E. Jessup, (University of Colorado Boulder), $250,000 (09/15/2009-09/14/2012).