Current Members

Boyana Norris


Roscoe Casita

M.S. 2017, Ph.D. expected Spring 2021

Brian Gravelle

Ph.D. expected Spring 2020

Samuel Pollard

Ph.D. expected Spring 2021

Kanika Sood

Ph.D. expected Spring 2019

Sara Riazi

Ph.D. expected Spring 2019

Robert Lim

(also a member of PRL)
Ph.D. expected Spring 2018

Kewen Meng

M.S. 2015, Ph.D. expected Spring 2019

Sudharshan Srinivasan

M.S. expected Spring 2019

Mamtaj Akter

Ph.D. expected Spring 2022

Former Members

(positions updated in January 2019)
  • Shweta Gupta, M.S. Spring 2018; software engineer at Microsoft
  • Jared Galloway, B.S. Spring 2018; Research Analyst at University of Oregon
  • Nick Chaimov (also a member of PRL) Ph.D., Spring 2017; HPC Computer Scientist, ParaTools, Inc.
  • Anu Deodhar (Software Engineer at HP), T.J. LaGrow (Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech), and Jacob Bieker (M.S. student at Leiden Observatory) B.S. Spring 2017
  • Rajan Sawhney M.S. Spring 2017; CBT Nuggets
  • Nashid Shaila, M.S. Spring 2016; Software Engineer at Microsoft
  • Amir Farzad, M.S. Fall 2015; Software Engineer at Microsoft AI Platform
  • Ender (Xiaoguang) Dai (also member of PRL), M.S., Spring 2015; Lead Engineer at Nintendo
  • Jeremy Lipps, B.S. Spring 2015
  • Jack Dempsey, B.S. Spring 2015; Analyst Programmer 2 at Oregon State University